Celebrate the month for Athletic Trainers


Having a month dedicated to a specific topic encourages both awareness and praise for whatever we are celebrating. Awareness is most important, allowing the public to be involved by connecting many individuals through one common thread. For the entire month of March, athletic trainers will be honored across the nation via social media (#natm2015), in their offices, and at their schools. It is not just a month to say “This is what we do,” but a constant reminder as to who is protecting and treating our athletes, parents, and friends from injury.  Athletic training isn’t something only geared toward fitness; they are health care professionals, collaborating with medicine practitioners in providing many services with the ultimate goal in getting you healthy. It is a full-service position that starts with a professional education in the classroom and transitions into applying the education to real-life situations when doing clinical work. Working under some of the greatest professionals, athletic training is a wonderful position to get into as it can open many doors.

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has been the face of athletic training since being founded in 1950. Originating in Kansas City, it all started with 200 athletic trainers gathering to discuss future plans within the profession. Wanting to develop a bright future, the need to set a professional standard was made appropriate in certifying athletic trainers across the country by holding the utmost integrity as to what they want to accomplish. Education, certification, research, and practice are all the settings that set them apart from the rest when following the path to athletic training.

There are many roads that can be taken when pursuing a career in athletic training. Working within the school system (high schools, colleges), professional sports teams, hospitals, rehab clinics, physicians’ offices, or corporate institutions, prove that no matter what setting, their services can be utilized. An athletic trainer will be by a patient’s side from start-to-finish, ensuring he/she is getting the proper evaluation, to treatment, rehabilitation, all the way up until they are out the door and satisfied with their services. That is why this month we need to spread the word in honoring athletic trainers across the world. It is the least we can do after all they have done for those who have suffered from an injury requiring their needs. The many ways we can help is by using the hashtag #NATM2015, and entering in to the social media contest. (Twitter, Facebook) Help the cause and promote the profession of healthcare for life and sport this March.

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